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Service and other professional activities - Highlights

  • Genetics Society of Australasia Executive Committee, NSW Representative, 2013-present

  • Genetics Society of Australasia conference organizing committee, Sydney conferences in 2007, 2014

  • Organizer of the School of Biological Science Seminar Series at the University of Sydney (2014)

  • Convened discussion groups for graduate students at the 2014 EMPSEB Conference, Belgium (Science Careers; Venom Evolution)

  • Invited career panelist, University of Sydney Veterinary Science Postgrad Conference (6 Nov 2013), School of Biological Sciences Postgraduate Grant Writing Workshop (1 Oct 2015)

  • Panelist for University of Sydney New Staff Welcome (3 Feb 2015)

  • Assessor for three University of Sydney Honours theses (2012-present)

  • Reviewer for Molecular Biology and Evolution, Journal of Morphology, Biochimie, BMC Evolutionary Biology, Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, Acta Histochemica, Toxins

  • Reviewer for the Leverhulme Trust, and the Research Foundation Flanders (Scientific Research Council of Belgium)

  • At the University of Zurich, I collaborated with other postdocs to implement a program aimed at promoting collaborations between postdoctoral researchers and early stage researchers at my institute, and secured funding to support the inaugural Early Stage Researcher Retreat (Oct 2012)

  • Australian Fulbright Alumni Association member, 2010-present

  • Committee member, NSW Fulbright Alumni Chapter 2011-2012

Outreach and press coverage - Highlights

Read Camilla's popular science article for The Conversation 'The secret sex life and pregnancy of a seahorse dad' here
  • Press: "Portrait" feature in Cosmos, Issue 67 Feb-March 2016

  • Press: Research featured in ScienceLike mother, like father”  Vol. 350 no. 6256 p. 53 DOI: 10.1126/science.350.6256.53-a (2 Oct 2015)

  • Popular science article: The Conversation The secret sex life and pregnancy of a seahorse dad by Camilla Whittington (1 Sept 2015)

  • Radio interview: ABC Radio National, aired nationwide. Radio National Afternoons (2pm 3 Sept 2015); listen here

  • Press: New Scientist Daddy seahorse caught giving birth may not be that unique by Sandrine Ceurstemont (2 Sept 2015)

  • Radio interview: 2SER Radio Sydney, The Daily (10:45am 4 Sep 2015); listen here

  • Ongoing partnership: with Orange Anglican Grammar School, Australia, designing and running hands-on genetics and zoology experiments and presenting research seminars for years 7-11, in collaboration with high school science teachers (2013-present)

  • Collaboration: on a Discovery Channel Europe funded series Australia is not just out to kill you (Wildbear productions), 2015

  • Press: Science News Platypuses are full of mystery by Sarah Zielinski (3 Dec 2014)

  • Press: Central Western Daily newspaper “Science under the microscope”, Australia (8 June 2013)

  • Seminar: How did the platypus become venomous? (Modern Case Studies in Ecology and Evolution Outreach Program, a program for high school teachers in Zurich, 19 March 2012)

  • Seminar: Opportunities in science (Careers program at Camden High School, Australia, 23 Nov 2010)

  • Press: Nature News, Poisonous platypuses confirm convergent evolution by Ewen Callaway (12 Oct 2010)

  • Press: Sydney Morning Herald newspaper “Spurred on by a lifelong passion”, 5 Sept 2009

  • Seminar: Women in Science: My life as a researcher (Hornsby Girls High School, Australia, 15 June 2009)

  • Radio interview: ABC Local Radio, aired in NSW (8:50am 27 April 2009)

  • Press: ABC Science Online. Decoding the secrets of platypus venom (26 March 2009)

  • Radio interview: Radio National New Zealand aired nationwide, Morning Report (31 March 2009)

  • Seminar: Platypus research (University of Sydney Careers Advisor and Teacher’s Day, 27 Feb 2009)

  • Seminar: Wildlife genomics (Hurlstone Agricultural High School, 29 Aug 2008)

  • Opinion piece: Newcastle Herald “Duckbill DNA could prove to be a lifesaver” by Camilla Whittington (22 May 2008)

  • Press: Inner West Courier newspaper “Platypus spurs research” (20 May 2008)

  • Television interviews: ABC News, Australia Wide, Midday Report with Lisa Miller; aired nationwide, ABC TV, 8 May 2008

  • Radio interviews: ABC Radio Queensland; ABC NewsRadio aired nationwide, 8 May 2008

  • Press: Nature Education “Interpreting shared characteristics: The platypus genome” 1(1):46, Myers, P. (2008)

Recent field trips

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Manitoba, Canada
Queensland, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Oregon, USA
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