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Evolutionary and Integrative Zoology

The Evolution of Complex Traits Symposium at SMBE 2017

Join us for The Evolution of Complex Traits Symposium at the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution Annual Meeting (SMBE2017) in Austin, Texas (2nd - 6th July 2017). The Symposium is being hosted by Dr Camilla Whittington and Prof Mike Thompson from the University of Sydney.


Join us as we hear from leaders in the field of complex trait evolution, who will discuss the molecular basis of the evolution of everything from eyes to flight!


We thank The Company of Biologists and SMBE for their generous sponsorship of this event, which has enabled speakers from all over the world to participate. The Company of Biologists is also providing student awards for the best posters in our Symposium.


Wednesday 5th July 2017, 8:30 am - 10:30 am

Nicola Illing, University of Cape Town - Evolution of wings

Gunter Wagner, Yale University - Evolution of Novel Cell Types

Aida Verdes, City University of New York - Evolution of Bioluminescence

Erica Todd, University of Otago - Genomic basis of Sex-Change in Fish

Atsushi Ogura, Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology - Evolution of the Eye

Nathan Clark, University of Pittsburgh - Evolution of a Novel Female Reproductive Organ

Poster sessions: Monday 3rd July 6-8pm; Tuesday 4th July 6-8pm. Please join us to view a selection of outstanding posters, including from our student award winners.

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